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    Thanks to the PCB Pool cost-sharing scheme and our first-class service, we are able to produce your prototype printed circuit boards at attractive prices and offer you a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Not only can your order from us directly online, you can also generate your own price estimates online.

  •                      stencil3_1                 stencil3_2


    If you haven’t tried our laser-cut solder stencils yet, you’re in for a real treat. With attractive prices and our certified quality management, you always come out a winner.

    You can also generate online cost estimates for these stencils and order them online.



  • reflow3_1                     reflow3_2

    Use our Beta Reflow Kit to assemble your own SMD circuit boards with nearly industrial-grade quality.This user-friendly kit includes many helpful tools to help you assemble your PCBs, including component placement, solder paste application, soldering and cleaning.

    Generate a cost estimate online and order directly from us online.

  • frontpanel3_1                      frontpanel3_2

    Our Panel Pool service offers you sturdy, durable front panels in a variety of materials with multicolour printing for markings, logos and imagery.

    Use our free, intuitive design software to create your front panel layouts.

    Order your front panels directly from us online.

  • fitsornot_110711

    Have you always wanted the possibility to check the construction design of your PCB prior to production? Do you want to exclude the risk of misfit Front Panels or Enclosures?
    This is costly and we have the solution to this problem.

    Order your dummy directly online!


  • ims_110711_b

    Are you developing electronics for High Power LEDs, controls or power convertors that are causing your PCB to overheat?

    This is where our IMS-POOL comes in:

    * 1,5mm cooling aluminum
    * 100µm isolation layer
    * 35µm copper layer on one side

    Order your IMS Board directly!


  • eagle_button


    With version 5.1001 and later, you can now calculate prices for PCBs and assembly directly in EAGLE.

    It’s remarkably easy:
    - No registration necessary
    - No fee
    - Fast and convenient: no typing or filling in forms

    And a 20% discount on your first PCB order with this Button!

    Yes, I want this tool!




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    ims 130613 rfid

    Sie wollen ein einmaliges System zur Kennzeichnung Ihrer Leiterplatte (Elektronikgeräte), schnell, unkopierbar, verlässlich und fast unzerstörbar?

    Dann haben wir jetzt die Lösung für Sie:

    Die Leiterplattenidentifikation per RFID.

    Jetzt informieren !



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